The uniqueness of Memory Foam mattress

memory foam bedMemory foam mattress has the ability to “remember” its original form and thus returns to it after being compressed although it loses this ability as it ages and wears. The uniqueness of memory foam is that it is weight and temperature sensitive as compared to the regular polyurethane foam. Unlike the traditional foam that returns to its original form right away after compression, memory foam cells (Memory foam center)compress completely. By doing this, the foam can better conform to a person’s shape thus reducing pressure points. On temperatures, memory foam becomes softer in warm temperatures and firmer in cool temperatures.

Since memory form is temperature sensitive, it is always cold and hence hard the moment you get to bed. But after sometime and due to your body temperature, it slowly softens and takes your shape hence giving you the dilemma to get out of the bed later. Also, by reducing the air circulation around your body, the memory mattress becomes warmer and thus very helpful during winter seasons. However, during summer seasons, this mattress feels too hot and may be a bit uncomfortable.

Lifespan of memory foam mattress

The lifespan of memory foam ranges between 4 and 12 years. If used regularly, the average lifespan is about 7 years. It is important to note that the lifespan of memory foam is not related to its price. Some memory foam mattresses cost more but this does not guarantee you a significantly longer lifespan. However, Tempur-pedic is known for their longetivity though they are a bit more expensive.

Factors contributing to price differences

The wide variations in prices of memory foam mattresses are due to the following factors.

Brand name: well established and well known brands such as Tempur-pedic have higher prices on their mattresses

Quality of foam: better quality foam used will ensure longer life hence will lead to a high-priced memory foam mattress.

Cover material: expensive and luxurious mattress covers produce high-priced memory foam mattresses.

Other extra features: extras such as edge support and handles make memory foam more expensive

Ways of selling: memory foam mattresses sold in stores are more expensive when compared to those sold online.


Although the warranties for memory foam mattresses can be 5, 10, or 20 years, more expensive mattresses do not necessarily have longer warranties.

Downside of memory foam mattresses

When new, memory foam mattresses have off gassing odor that is stronger than other types of mattresses. Secondly, the heat retention by these mattresses makes it unsuitable for romance. Thirdly, since the memory foam takes your body shape, it ends up restricting your movement.

Popular examples of memory foam mattresses

Lucid-Plush 14

It has 4 layers of bamboo charcoal plant that is infused. It provides good value for money

Dream Foam-Ultimate Dream 13

This 13 inch gel memory foam mattress has a 3 inch comfort layer and a 2 inch support layer and an 8 inch high density base layer. It is a very popular memory foam mattress among buyers

Brentwood Home-Bamboo Gel 13

It is a medium density 13 inch gel mattress that has four levels of different materials. These levels combine to form a comfortable and cool sleeping surface.

Sleep Innovations- Sure Temp 12

It is suitable memory foam for those who are on a tighter budget.


It is one of the most popular eco-friendly memory foam mattress.

Apart from the above mattresses, there are hundreds of other brands and thus choosing the best can be very difficult. With factors to consider such as layer height, thickness, plant based or gel formulation, buying a memory foam mattress can be so complex.